Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Outer Banks

While I was in the Outer Banks, it was extremely hot and humid outside, causing my camera lens to fog up every time I attempted to take a picture. So I didn't take as many as I wanted to. When I uploaded a few of these foggy pictures, I was kind of amazed at the lomography-like quality of them. Kind of wish I had kept more of them.
Now I know that cameras+humidity=
Our house, Chateau E'lan.
View from the crow's nest.
Swimsuit: Delia's, Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters, Bag: American Eagle
All 12 of us.
I think I love this picture more than any I've ever taken.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

all year long we wait for sun

Oh hello!
Sorry again for such a long absence. I was on vacation in Virginia Beach and the Outer Banks. This installment is all Virginia Beach.
Beautiful weather. There were enormous clouds everywhere, but they never obscured the sun's rays.
Our hotel.
Hi, mom!
View from the balcony.
I love palm trees. Their trunks are so strange-looking!
Wish we had some up north.
When we come to Virginia Beach, we get ice cream after every meal at the Hershey's Ice Cream Shop next to the North End Pizzaria. I highly recommend the green ice cream in the top left hand corner. Mint Moose Tracks. MMMMMMMM.
Mom and I.
Dress: Target, Bag: American Eagle
Every year when we come here, we have dinner at Isle of Capri, a restaurant located on the top floor of the Virginia Beach Holiday Inn.
It is SO delicious.
They make caesar salads at your table. This year I wrote down the recipe so I can make them from scratch at home!
It's blurry, but it is still beautiful.
Ah yes, family memories.
I leave no morsel left behind.
The Outer Banks installment is coming up next!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

learning things and finding things

Happy first of July!
Today is actually a much cooler day than what we've been having recently, so I'm staying in and getting tons of work done. And number one on my list is obviously a blog update. It's been kind of a while...I think it's weird when bloggers have to apologize for not posting every day, I understand that they have real lives too!
Like I said, it's been HOT. I've been doing lots of this....
And last week I broke out the popsicle mold (that had not been used in 10+ years) and made mojitopops!
Strawberries, mint, limeade, and freeze. You could add rum, but these were delicious without it.
Also, do you see the sewing machine in the background? I learned how to use it, finally! Been hemming skirts like a mad woman.
So here's my outfit.
Tank: Old Navy, Shorts: Rue 21 (hemmed)
You know, nothing special here.
BAM. I found this in a long-forgotten hair accessories drawer, and I believe it was given to me as a gift about 10 years ago by my parents' friend from Brazil. I can't tell you how happy I was that I found this again. I used to wear crazy hair clips like this every day.
My boyfriend found it pretty interesting. He said it looks like a Peruvian Flute Band.
(South Park watchers should know immediately what episode he's referring to.)
So it's been a pretty nice week of learning things (how to use a sewing machine) and finding forgotten treasures (popsicle mold and my Peruvian Flute Band hair clip).
Here's to a spectacular July!