Sunday, January 31, 2010

1500 people have attempted this challenge, none have succeeded.

Here is today's outfit:
Shirt: Old Navy, Jeans: J.Crew, Necklace: Anthropologie, Ring: Mom's
Shoes: Target
These shoes are probably the most complimented item in my wardrobe! The color gives a bright pop of color that perfectly compliments an otherwise dark, serious palette.
As promised, here is a better picture of the Anthropologie necklace! I got it yesterday, when I was visiting my friend who works there. I ADORE ANTHRO. I really do. But I would never allow myself to buy something full-price from there. Unless it was my birthday. So I only go in to gape at all the cute stuff, and then rummage through the sale section. (Ditto at Urban Outfitters, Lucky Brand Jeans, Free People..) But I saw this necklace as I was browsing through the jewelry, and it looked so unique and dainty, and it was only $32 (NOT BAD FOR ANTHRO, I HAVE TO SAY) so I decided to mini-splurge on it. Hey, I survived my first week back at school. I deserve it.
When I take outfit pictures, I've noticed that I'll probably always have my tv on. It's funny to look back at what I was watching.
I love the travel channel, man.


Oh hello! Didn't see you there. I'm Melanie and as sort of a new year's resolution, I've made myself a blog to document what a wear (almost) every day! I've read style blogs for almost a year now, and have just been so inspired by these women who have such impeccable style, but do it on a budget! (I've been a fan of WhatIWore, This Time Tomorrow, The Clothes Horse, and The Cherry Blossom Girl since the beginning.)
So I guess it's my turn, now! Here are my outfits from yesterday and the day before:
Sweater: American Eagle (clearance), Shorts: Hollister, Tights: Aerie
Shirt: Hollister (clearance), Jeans: Hollister
Necklace: Anthropologie (I promise to give you a better picture of it later.)
Now, I'm a newbie so I don't have a photographer or fancy camera (although mine IS hot pink) or a really inspirational backdrop...YET! Like I said, this is sort of an experiment.
Anyway, again, I'm Melanie and it's so very nice to meet you. :)