Thursday, June 10, 2010

Daisy chain

We've been having some cold dreary days lately, so I've been able to bust out the pants again..
Tank: Old Navy, Jeans: Delia's, Shoes: Target, Bracelet: Vintage
I hate it when I realize that my favorite shirt is getting too small or that my pants are just not fitting as well as they used to. These pants used to be my favorite, until the day I realized that they fell to just above my ankles.
It was a depressing day.
Instead of abandoning them or cutting them up into yet another pair of denim shorts (I just don't need anymore pairs of denim shorts), I did a simple rolling of the cuff, and now I can continue loving them. HOORAY!
I wish I had more to say! I've basically been reading and knitting my life away these days. Ah, summer.


  1. Those shoes are so pretty! And I adore the bracelet, it's lovely.

  2. I almost got those same shoes when they were on sale for $6 bucks...but I was in between sizes so I passed. They are such a pretty color and (besides size for me) very comfortable.