Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Go, Go, Godzilla

Oh, look at me all smiles in my Godzilla shirt.
Actually, it's not mine, it's my brother's.
Shirt: Stolen from Brother, Shorts: Hollister, Shoes: Steve Madden
Yeah man, I'm feeling extra inspired by Japanese movies (and Japanese-influenced movies) at the moment. Just watched Battle Royale last night with my boyfriend. I wrote more about it over at my tumblr. If you like an exciting albeit disturbing plot line with a generous helping of blood and guts, you should definitely check it out.
Well, today I'll be crafting and cleaning out my closet. Exciting stuff!
Have a nice day.
(Title brought to you by: The Blue Oyster Cult- Godzilla)


  1. What a fun t-shirt! Does your brother miss it yet?


  2. I LOVE Battle Royale it was just fantastic. And a little bit of nerdy music love for you here: Just as Mitsuko gets killed by Kiriyama and she's flailing around in the water showing off her panties, the song Air on a G String is playing. Hehe. I chuckled.
    Anywayyyyys, I love your shorts. They're too cute! =]

  3. Oh and if you get chance to, the book is great too. Slightly different ending, but fantastic all the same.

  4. No way! How funny!
    I can't wait to read the book :)