Saturday, April 10, 2010

99 Hofstra-colored balloons go by..

Wow. I almost had nothing to talk about today, and then much to my delight, this happened outside of my window:
These kids were trying to take down an arch of balloons that were set up for admitted students day.
And I guess they decided it would be fun to let them go!
All I could hear was "99 Luftballoons" in my head as this happened. Haha!
..and now what i wore:
Cardigan: Old Navy, Tank: Up Against the Wall in California, Jeans: Hollister, Flip Flops: Hollister
And the glasses, as I've mentioned before, were free and I got them at a wedding reception. Long story.
This print is just bad ass.
OK. Two things:
1. Why does California have the coolest clothes I've ever seen? This tank was from a store that I went to in the Beverly Center in LA. It was $50, but I've worn it roughly a billion times in the 4 years I've owned it. I need to be around more stores with clothes like this. (also, the little mermaid skirt a couple posts back was also from that trip to California. I think I'm a bit overdue for a return to the Golden State.)
2. What are you guys doing for footwear this summer? As you can see, I'm wearing flip-flops because I don't feel like wearing flats..but there must be a classier alternative! I guess strappy sandals would be my only other option? If you see a pair online, post me a link to them, because I haven't found any yet. Maybe I just need to look harder. Hm.
Toodles, everyone!
(Title brought to you by: Nena- 99 Luftballoons)