Monday, April 5, 2010

Scenes from spring break

Hello again!
I decided to take a little break from style blogging while I was away from school.
But I still took pictures, here are some random assorted scenes from my spring break at home
(it's a bit image-heavy):
My dog, Luigi.
Going to Five Guys is a new tradition for my boyfriend and I. Though we have glorious home-cooked food everywhere, something about the wholesome greasiness of a bag of Five Guys fries just makes you feel...alive. I should've gotten a picture of the grease-soaked paper bag they came in.
Mom planted some zinnia seeds for me to take back to school.
Cutest variation of a jack-in-the-box i've ever seen. It plays a Greek song before this guy pops out.
We had a ladybug infestation. But I love ladybugs, so it's ok. (My car looks like a ladybug.)
Found this crazy pair of jeans that I LOVED in high school.
Also unearthed my hidden collection of movie stubs. I save every movie stub I get, even the ones from college. I have 73 total. The oldest is from 1999, when I saw Toy Story 2.
And Easter was colorful and delicious, of course.
Normal outfit posts will resume soon! Have a lovely day!


  1. 5 guys burgers and fries! My family goes there all the time for dinner. Tres delish :)

  2. I looooove five guys! This one just popped up in our hometown, I don't know how we lived without it for so long!

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  5. Woo! Amazing pics dear, i loved the lady bug, the jack in th ebox, your old pair of really original jeans and the movie tickets!! I save them after the movies too! But i don't i have that much haha my most old is 2000 from harry potter and the sorceners stone.

    p.s. so swee that welcome message from your family!

  6. Yeah I went to see a movie the other week, and I was wondering how many do I have and how long have I been saving them for?? It's fun to look back on that stuff.