Thursday, April 8, 2010

Under the sea

School has been lovely since I've been back. Of course, when the weather is beautiful, so my attention span is worse than ever, so I'm trying to scrape together my last efforts for the final weeks of school! (FOUR 1/2 LEFT.)
This morning I...
painted my nails. Inspired by Katie's, of course.
Filled out my census. It was really exciting.
And then I got out there bright and early to take pictures (not the best ever, but, eh.)
Tank: Old Navy, Skirt: Store in California, Flip Flops: Hollister, Bracelet: Greece
Yes, I wore a Little Mermaid skirt today. I got this about four years ago when I went to California, in the coolest vintage store ever, American Vintage. It's made out of a bedsheet. There were other skirts there, just like it. There was a Pokemon one and ones with different baseball teams..but I opted for The Little Mermaid, and I think I made the right choice.
I always get asked if I made it. I sadly have to admit that this is not an original creation of mine, ALTHOUGH I would LOVE to be able to make something like this someday.
Alrighty then! I'll try to get back on a normal posting schedule. Until then, adieu!