Monday, April 26, 2010

I'm never growing up.

Well, another successful Spring Weekend comes to a close.
What a long, strange trip it was. I can't even look back and pick out specific moments because all of the days and nights just seemed to blur together. It was all amazing.
Spring Weekend epitomizes what it is to be a college kid. Everyone out there feels invincible.
I can't resist taking advantage of the opportunity. I want to have plenty of stories to tell my grandkids someday.
Every day at UCONN was relaxing and sunny. Every night was a party of epic proportions.
Of course my favorite part of it all, and the whole reason I was even there was my boyfriend.
He's the absolute best. Our anniversary is coming up in a few days, so I'll hold off on gushing about him until then.
...and yes I know that North Face is the very antithesis of chic (see: UGG boots), but it was perfect for very chilly Connecticut nights.
I certainly wasn't pulling out all the stops to look as awesome as possible this weekend. It was all about the basics for this crazy week.
And wolf shirts.
You can't tell, but we're both wearing wolf shirts under our jackets.
We like to theme our outfits, my boyfriend and I.
Now I'm home. I have a couple weeks to detox..
Can't wait, you guys.

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