Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The muscular cyborg german dudes dance with sexy french canadians

Yeah. That title has nothing to do with my day.
It was stuck in my head for hours, though.
So this week's goal is to eliminate ALL of my long-term projects so I can just coast for the rest of the year. Today I tackled english class. I read 100 pages and wrote a term paper. It took me all day (I get distracted easily) but I am FINISHED.
Women's studies final, you're next.
..and this is what I wore:
Shirt: f21, Jeans: J.Crew, Flower: Vintage
Is it odd that I take my pictures at night? I just thought of this.
Well it was either at night or in the poorly-lit library, sooooooooo...
Vintage bracelet.
Now, I'd really like to see pins make a comeback.
I have a collection of kitchy pins, this one of course being my favorite. I got this one the summer of my junior year of high school at a vintage shop. I recently thought that I broke it, so it's been just a decoration on my desk, but today I fixed it! Awesome!
Have a good night!
(Title brought to you by: Cake-Wheels)

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