Friday, April 30, 2010

Like vines, we intertwined

Behold, the vine-covered wall.
My new outdoor backdrop.
I don't know why, but things wrapped in vines look so rustic and appealing to the eye.
Last night, I watched on Discovery Channel's "Life" how some vines have little talons and some secrete an adhesive, so that they can securely attach themselves to the tree/house/brick wall of their choice.
Most of the episode was done with time-lapse videography. It was stunning. Highly recommend "Life".
Shirt: Aerie, Shorts: Hollister, Shoes: Aerie
I'm such a fan of this outfit. It was perfect for this beautiful day.
It's funny, I can't wear that shirt with long pants. It has to be shorts, or not at all.
Luckily, it seems that shorts season is here to stay!
I actually went thrifting today, for a school project! I'm writing an article on thrift stores and the recession. It's just an excuse to go to all of the thrift stores that I didn't have time to go to earlier this year.
Today I went to Amityville (yes, that Amityville) and I ended up buying a super duper ballin shirt for $3. And not only did I NOT take a picture of it, but I didn't take pictures of any of the picturesque small-town surroundings, either. I'm really off my photo-taking game.
College finals are robbing me of my sanity AND my creativity.
When I have free time, instead of doing something fun and productive, I sit and stare at the tv like a vegetable.
New shoes from Aerie. These are the first things I've bought from the mall in a long time.
Now this bag is pretty cool. I got it at Goodwill over winter break, thinking that it would be the perfect beach bag in the summer.
But it works fine as an everyday purse, too! It just doesn't have any pockets.
And it serves an educational purpose as well. I am now veryyyy familar with all of the major sites and cities in Belize.
Oh! My six year anniversary was yesterday! (Yes, that means we've been dating since MIDDLE SCHOOL.) Unfortunately, the day wasn't super exciting this year because...well...he and I are 150 miles apart. Bummer.
But whenever our anniversary comes around, that also means that my birthday is ten days away! So the countdown to my twentieth birthday has officially begun!
So I leave you now with a picture of me and this rad tree:
Enjoy your day! Good luck on your finals, college kids!
(Title brought to you by: The Hush Sound-We intertwined)