Saturday, May 1, 2010

and if you want a beef then bring the ruckus

Hofstra Musicfest was yesterday.
Surprisingly, I stayed for almost the entire thing! It was very enjoyable.
Got some henna done.
Went shopping (but did NOT buy anything!)
Dress: Target, Bag: American Eagle
There were cute dogs everywhere.
Kevin Devine and the Goddamn Band
Best decision of the day.
Then Ghostface Killah went on.
It was AWESOME. I'd never been to a rap show before, and there was just a very a cool energy about the whole thing.
I was in the middle of the crowd dancing while standing on my tiptoes the whole time.
And then Streetlight Manifesto went on.
I had no idea that they were a ska band (shoulda done my research).
And kids started acting CRAZY! They all immediately began moshing, and then they all started skanking while running in a circle! (Apparently, this phenomenon is called a "circle pit")It was so funny!
Oh ska kids.
It was a pretty chill day. I'm glad I chose to spend my day at Musicfest instead of doing homework. Oops.
(Title brought to you by: Wu Tang Clan-Ain't Nothing)

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