Tuesday, May 11, 2010

What we wore: Breton Stripes

Hey! Just a quick post today!
As you may know, Jessica of What I Wore thought it would be fun if today (Tuesday) was unofficially Breton Stripe Day, when everyone wore Breton Stripes on their blog!
I knew she'd have a huge turnout of ladies participating (FIFTY-TWO!), and I definitely wanted to be a part of it! I wore my Breton Stripes a couple of posts back.
This must've taken a lot of work to get all of the ladies' pictures cropped, their names hyperlinked, and so on, so thank you for putting this together, Jessica!
You may wonder why I'm not wearing Breton Stripes today, and that's because all of my clothes and other belongings are in suitcases! I'm taking my last two finals, and then I'm driving home tonight!
I can't wait to show you what I have in store for summer. It will be great!

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  1. Found your blog on The Clothes Horse .. loving it! I'm following you now. xo