Thursday, May 20, 2010

I will buy you a garden, where your flowers can bloom

So these pictures have been a long time coming.. I won the Delightfully Tacky giveaway for this dress from Dixi (formerly Baby Says Boutique ) back in March. It was waiting for me in a package on my bed when I came home from school a week ago.
I absolutely love it!
Dress: Dixi via giveaway, Shoes: Vintage
Sorry the pictures are a little washed out, the dress is a very pale pink.
And it's unlike anything I've ever owned! Never owned a one-shoulder garment, but I love this one. It feels like something I'd wear to a tea party.
This cameo brooch I got in a church junk sale for 50 cents! I've been looking for years for a garment to attach it to, and now I finally think I've found it.
And one more thing that makes me happy today...
Making my own ice cream sandwiches!
I had never tried this before, and I suggest that you go try it right now!
Two of any kind of cookie, homemade or storebought + Any flavor of ice cream + sprinkles or chocolate chips around the outside = your new favorite summer treat.
Trust me, it's way better than a prewrapped ice cream sandwich.
(Title brought to you by: Everclear- I will buy you a new life)


  1. What a beautiful dress. You really made it your own!

  2. LOL everclear. You look lovely in these. xo

  3. lovely brooch :)

  4. I love every single thing about this post.

    One shouldered dresses are fab, and it looks wonderful on you. So lucky to win the giveaway!!

    I'm all about cameos, so I think that piece is just gorgeous.

    Anddddd homemade ice cream sandwiches are my favorite. Store-bought just don't cut it.

    Love this post!

  5. LOVELY dress. What a great win! You look stunning, and everything around you looks so green.

  6. love your shoes and pendant!
    yum what a tasty ice cream sandwich!


  7. woah that ice cream sandwich is HUGE! i made some last year they were delicious. but difficult to eat really.

  8. Hay dear blogger!
    How are you? I'm glad that I've visited this blog! She's lovely.

    Please, check mine too & maybe we can follow eachother!
    You can also join my GIVEAWAY!
    Love, Cindy.

  9. Melanie thank you so much for the sweet comment:)

    It means a lot, you have such am amazing sense of style, can't wait to discover you more:)