Monday, May 24, 2010

Lost in translation

Ahhhh sorry it's been so long!
Work has picked up where College left off, and is now running my life.
That's no fun.
Shirt: f21, Shorts: Abercrombie (reconstructed), Shoes: Old Navy, Necklace: Anthropologie
These shoes, while very pretty, are the most uncomfortable pair of sandals I've ever worn.
I found this kind of funny. After we went out for dinner the other day we brought home our leftovers and my dad labeled them.
I'm not sure what "leftovers" is in Spanish (I should, because I took four years of it...) but I'm pretty sure it's not "los sobre isquierdas".
But good try, dad!
Hasta luego, ya'll.


  1. Haha, your dad's Spanish attempt cracks me up!

    What an adorable hot weather look. LOVE the Anthro necklace.

  2. I love the top and cute shorts :)

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  4. gorgeous sandals, and necklace! i've always wanted a colored door on my house. gorgeous! :)