Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I must eat so many lemons...because I am so bitter.

You may notice something different about my outfit pictures today...
Cardigan: Gap, Tank: Thrifted (Gap), Shorts: Hollister, Bracelet: Coach
...I am not smiling in any of them. That's never happened in an entry, has it?
For some reason on this lovely afternoon, I felt compelled to take pictures, but was also compelled not to smile for them.
I am not in the best of spirits, perhaps. I think I am ready to leave school and not give it one more thought until my return at the end of August.
I also really miss my friends from home. I want to see them soon and let them know how much I appreciate them.
And my family, too. My little fan club back home.
There's nothing but celebration waiting for me when I go back to Connecticut. It will be a very exciting time.
(Title brought to you by: Kate Nash- Foundations)

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