Thursday, March 4, 2010

Bat and Rob

Wow. This week is over for me and I couldn't be happier!
  • I survived journalism, and I feel good about the work I'm producing for that class.
  • I read my short story aloud today in creative writing, and got anonymous feedback, and none of it was negative! And I was totally expecting that, too! (because apparently, I have low expectations for myself. Wah.)
  • I spent this entire week debating whether or not to audition for the zombie movie (since it shoots on the weekend, and we all know that my weekends are precious to me) and just now, I got back from auditioning and I'm SO HAPPY I did it! Don't even care if I get the part, I can at least say that I tried!
  • I'm going to see Alice tonight! And..I know that the critics haven' t been too nice about it, but I'm still looking forward to it, AND it'll be in 3D AND IMAX AND it's the midnight showing AND I'm kind of just going to enjoy it for the trippy visuals, if nothing else, thankyouverymuch.
So to honor the end of a successful work/school week, I am wearing THREE THINGS that you've never seen me wear on this little blog before:
Tee: Threadless, Pants: Old Navy, Shoes: Surf Shop in NC, Bracelet: H&M
(Heh. You can bet that I'll be bringing that box of Rice Krispies in the background to the movies with me.)
Yes, a TEE SHIRT! I never, ever wear graphic tees anymore. I don't know why. I bought this one last year, and though it's a big snug, I still love it. A close-up... It's Batman and animal form! Genius! If you're ever looking to waste time on the internet, looking at cool things, do yourself a favor and go to I love their stuff.
(Fun Fact: It was also featured on the Travel Channel as one of the funnest places in America to work!)(Yes, I know I just said "funnest".) (Another Fun Fact: Did you know that I'm an english minor?)


  1. congrats on trying out for the movie! how fun and very brave of you :)