Monday, March 8, 2010

To know her is to love her..

Well, it was a gloriously beautiful day outside today and I spend 95% of it inside. It's a crying shame. I did, however, get to roll down the sunroof for the first time this year and blast my weird music. That almost made up for it.
Ugh. But even that feeling of freedom and happiness was squashed by the public libraries around this area. Today I encountered some of the most cantankerous old librarians. I don't understand how me wanting to get a library card is such a big deal, they were all freaking out about it.
So I didn't end up getting a library card. I'll go back eventually. I was so tired after that day of running around to 3 different libraries, I just wanted to go home and eat food.
BUT THEN my day brightened up again by the arrival of my Etsy purchase! Instead of showing you what I wore today (just a boring shirt and jeans), here's "What I Wish I Wore":
Blouse: Sally Jane Vintage, Shorts: Abercrombie (on sale AND reconstructed), Shoes: Target
I LOVE the blouse. It's very loose and hippie-ish. It would be perfect with shorts, sandals, and a daisy in my hair. Siiiiigh. Those days will be here sooner than you realize.
So today turned out ok. In fact, from the library card fiasco, it only went up. Got the blouse, the Katy Perry issue of Nylon, and.....
my mom sent me a box of her famous Fudgie-Scotch Squares. These things are like chunks of Heaven, pulled out of the sky. They're like a Blondie, except with chocolate chips, walnuts, and butterscotch chips in them. Really chunky and delish.
....I'm going to gain 40 pounds by the time that box is done...and then it'll be spring break, and we'll have tons of girl scout cookies at my house....I'm done for, you guys. Totally done.
(PS. 1. The title comes from the name of the blouse, actually. This is the "To know her is to love her" blouse. 2. I am published for a second time on Nassau News Live today!!! I love seeing my name in print!)

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