Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Rain, Rain, go away

UGH. This cold, rainy weather has sucked all of the inspiration from me.
Although, I have to say, living on a mountain has its perks. I've seen how badly some of the neighboring towns are flooded. People with a lake or a river in their backyard are in danger of their house being swept away. It's really unfortunate.
Luckily, today is the last day of rain, and the rest of the week is all sun, sun, sun.
haha, emo picture alert.... Shirt: Hollister, Jeans: f21, Socks: Target
Today I was going to do a very productive things around town, but my dad went to the clinic because he pinched a nerve in his back. :( He's okay, though. We're gonna spend the rest of the day watching movies.
Oh, and even though I will not be attending this fabulous event, check out this music blog, dedicated to all of the top songs by the artists performing at Coachella 2010! It's been my dream to attend a music festival like this one. Maybe someday....
And I do have some very good, exciting news! I won the giveaway from She's Got a Ticket to Ride! I'm so excited for my necklace to get here!!
Today is already looking a bit brighter. :)


  1. Rain -blah! Not a fan.

    LOVE that green wall! GORGEOUS!!

    Congrats on winning the giveaway!

  2. Rain= lame. I love your room. I really want to go to Coachella but I have school.