Monday, March 15, 2010

She's like a rainbow

So last night I visited Color Me Katie's blog for the first time. And I was immediately inspired by everything. Her optimistic outlook on life, her color pictures, and all of the outings that she documents with Improv Everywhere. I immediately wanted to immerse myself into a happy, colorful world like hers.
I was bursting with ideas during the night, so I wrote them down in the dark on a post-it. It's always great trying to decipher my notes the next day.
I want to start using a broader spectrum of my nail colors. While I still can. My job back home at Hollister doesn't allow painted nails :(
Daydreamin on my grass carpet. I wish the floors were actually grassy. It would always be so soft...
Lots of Katie's art is done with just construction paper and tape.
I attempt to recreate one of her self-portraits.
I had to look like a rainbow today. I wanted tye-dye, but this vintage blouse will do!
Blouse: Vintage, Pants: Hollister, Shoes: NONE.
Thank you Katie, for inspiring me! I am now BURSTING with ideas to recreate in my clothing reconstructions AND on camera.
I now declare Mondays to be my arts-and-crafts day.
(PS. I'm going to start linking to the destination where I get my titles.

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