Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Four winds blowing through her hair...

Hello everyone!
Yesterday was a pretty momentous day for this little blog. I was featured on Modcloth's blog, talking about my "favorite vintage find" and I also was picked for the Baby Says Boutique giveaway on Delightfully Tacky's blog!
Thank you so so much to Modcloth and to Elizabeth!! You both made my day!
So yesterday was extremely awesome....
But today wasn't too shabby either!
Cardigan: Old Navy
Dress: Hollister
Tights: Aerie
Shoes: Macy's
Necklace: Anthropologie
Special thanks to the wind for being extra cooperative today. Vintage ring from a shop in Higganum, CT. On nice days like today, when I don't have much else to do, I like to explore the island a bit, so today I went on thrifting adventures in the towns Islip and Babylon. Only had success in Babylon, though.
(ALTHOUGH, I found a dressform in an antique store in Islip. I was afraid to ask how much it was, since everything in the store was very expensive. I may ask for one for my birthday.) I got this from the vintage shop Bon Marche (the same store I got my checkered shirt in the Modcloth post). I love going into that store because of the women that work there. The owner, Mary and I talked about journalism for about ten minutes, before I decided to get the skirt. She's the sweetest. Also picked up $2 awesome grandma earrings from St. Joseph's Thrift Shop in Babylon.
A very successful day. And we've still got some sunlight, so I'll get out there and enjoy it!
Good night, folks!

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