Monday, March 22, 2010

Lazy Saturday, Sunday, and Monday

WOW! I have been impressively lazy this weekend! Luckily, I managed to muster up enough effort to get my homework done, but man.... spring fever has hit me hard. Didn't help that this weekend was the most beautiful weekend that New York has seen this year.
..and I apologize in advance for the poor-quality outfit picture. This was taken in a rush on Saturday. I just had to document it.
tank: j.crew, skirt: target, necklace: vintage
Today is another day for lazing around, although it is not nearly as nice as it was even yesterday. Such a shame..
So today I'll be saying goodbye to the mint green nail polish I've been sporting for the last two weeks.
...and indulging myself in my favorite ice cream of the same color.
I also am catching on some of the films on my movie list. I'm on a semi-biographical movie kick. Last weekend I finally saw Coco Avant Chanel, with one of my favorite actresses, Audrey Tantou. This weekend I saw Nine (with my other favorite actress, Marion Cotillard), which was FABULOUS (sidenote: if you like Nine, watch 8 1/2, the movie it was based off of. It is cinematic art). I also watched Grey Gardens, both the 2009 remake and the 1975 documentary. What fascinating women! You just couldn't write a story like that, it's so bizarre.
(sweater: f21 sale)
I must figure out what movie I will watch next. Suggestions?
(title inspiration: Lazy Sunday-The Lonely Island)


  1. I adore Marion Cotillard, she's one of my favorites as well. As for Grey Gardens, the performances were amazing (in the 2009) but the story sort of disturbed me a little. I don't know if I really liked it or not, to be honest.

  2. Cute skirt! And I loved Nine! I'll definitely have to check out 8 1/2!

  3. yes, some part of the story of grey gardens definitely did disturb me... seeing the two women basically psychologically bound to a decaying mansion, it's very eerie indeed.

    And thank you Tieka! I hope you enjoy the movie! (though there aren't nearly as many musical numbers)

  4. i really like your ring! what does it say? coach? i was also looking at your other posts and you have an amazing nailpolish collection! i'm loving all of the colors, especially the neon ones.

    you're the 2nd college student i've found on blogspot! yay for being in college.

  5. i recomend 'precious' very inspiring...lovely blog.