Thursday, March 18, 2010

Kiss from a rose

Good evening! I wasn't really expecting much from my appearance today. I cared a bit more about nourishment this morning, than what I happened to look like. But surprisingly I pulled it together more and more as the day went on! Strange..
Anyway, this was my first two-school-day week. It was weird. Especially St. Patrick's day. I felt like I lived in an alternate universe where everyone around me had class to go to and work to do, and I was just free to roam about and lay in the sun....
I feel like a high school senior again.
Except in reality I'm a college sophomore, and it's only Mid-March. GRRR.
Tank: Urban Outfitters, Jeans: Hollister, Shoes: Steve Madden
purple roses!
It was 65 and gorgeous out again today. I'm happy I got to take advantage of that. Except, I looked around and saw people still wearing winter jackets. What is wrong with this campus?
Ah, well.
(Title brought to you by Seal-Kiss from a rose. I would highly recommend watching this video. Seal+Batman= Epic)


  1. i used to buy all my jeans at hollister cos they are so tiny!

  2. they really are!! i've had mine since early high school.