Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I love the way you move me

Hey kids, guess what I learned today? I am in LOVE with the Dave Matthews Band's new album (Big Whiskey and the Groogrux King)! Have I been living under a rock for the past eight months? Answer: It is quite possible.
But seriously, have you listened to "Spaceman"? What fantastic songwriting! That's not even the big song on the album, either! It's totally the kind of album that I'd listen to while going on a cross-country road trip in the summertime, with the sunroof and windows down the whole way. Yeah, now I want to delve in to the rest of their stuff! I'm very intrigued, Mr. Matthews. Perhaps I, too, will black out at your summer concert this year along with the rest of the hometown-I mean, what?
Ahem, outfits, shall we?
Dress: Hollister, Maxi-Cardigan: Delia's (on sale), Tights: Aerie, Shoes: Macy's, Necklace: Vintage, Ring: Hippie Shop in CT
Yeah, these pictures don't really do the outfit justice. I have to give myself snaps for such a cute internship outfit today. Some people find it natural to wear skirts and tights everyday, and I really admire that, I need to step my game up! Sigh.
PS. Pardon all the extra junk on my dresser. I need to tidy up a bit before I have a photoshoot, haha.

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