Friday, February 26, 2010

Snow day #2!

Good afternoon! I don't know what it was about today, but I was determined to be productive.
Woke up at 10am, attempted to go to the mall to return things from last weekend's little outing ( happens.), but spend a half hour digging my car out of the snow instead. Classes were canceled, and the campus was basically a ghost town, so I took a few pictures of the snow-covered area around my dorm. Only these two on my digital camera, but many more on my Canon AE-1. I'm getting the hang of this photography thing, I think.
Anyway, as I mentioned before, I wanted to go to the mall, and after that I would rush over to audition for a part in a student film (it's a zombie movieee) and then do laundry and the rest of my Friday chores. But the roads were bad, and the audition was postponed, so I got a chocolate chip muffin and went window-shopping on the internet instead. There's an Etsy blouse that I've been eyeing..It's white and flowy and looks like the perfect '70s flower child blouse...Except I'm scared that the fit will be all wrong on me and it will end up looking like a night gown. :/ Online shopping makes me nervous sometimes.
What did I wear today? Does it even matter?
Shirt: Old Navy, Shorts: Aerie (sale), Socks: Target, Scarf: North Carolina boutique
(yes, I went out of my dorm to do laundry dressed like this. No shame.)
Today's mini-photoshoot was really eye-opening, as weird as that may seem. The difference that good lighting makes is quite astounding. In fact...I'm thinking about rearranging the furniture in my dorm so that I can take pictures without the scary back-lighting action I usually got going on. Of course, if I shot outside, that would solve all my problems....hrm.
OH! What is this? A high-quality picture of my outfit details?! Yessir. I never thought the macro on my camera was that good...but I guess I need good lighting, a steady hand, and a little bit of faith...because I am very pleased with these. It's a learning process, it really is.
So we shall see about the room remodeling. I'll keep you posted.
(edit: Not sure about the room remodeling, still. Since my room is small and has like, two outlets. BUT I got the blouse!! I can't wait for it to get here!)

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