Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow day dress-up

Well. It seems that Snowpocolypse: The Sequel was a bitter hit up here than we all expected. Hm. Nature is a funny thing. I was extra happy to find out at 7AM this morning that I would be interning from the comfort of my own cozy bed instead of braving the terrible weather.
View from my window. that tall building is our library, and its connected by a covered bridge called a unispan to our student center. I conveniently live TWO FEET away from it. I used to have to trek to much farther to go to library.
Also, these pictures were taken at 7AM. It was barely snowing. It's now 2:30, and it's snowing quite a bit harder. Hmph, whatever. Just as long as it simmers down by tomorrow, that's all I care about. Looking down from my window
So this is what I wore while bumming out to the extreme:
Tank: H&M, Sweatpants: UCONN store (boyfriend's), fuzzy socks: Target
So even though I had the whole day to pretty much do whatever I wanted, I couldn't really get back to sleep after my supervisor woke me up so early. So I did what any self-respecting girl in need of something to entertain herself would dress up, of course! I want to start incorporating this aqua tights and more skirts and blazers into my daily wear. These are three combinations of outfits I've never worn before, but have owned for quite some time. I think we all need to play dress-up every once in a while, it's like refreshing your wardrobe, without spending a cent!


  1. Love your outfits! Especially that cute skirt, so sassy!
    xo, Helen