Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Purple Haze

Hey ya'll. It's Wednesday! Exciting, right?!
No. No one gets excited about Wednesdays.
Anyway, I made 200 phone calls at my internship today. TWO. HUNDRED. PHONE CALLS. It was the opposite of fun. But that's life, I suppose.
I'm still in vacation-mode from staying at UCONN, so last night I couldn't go to bed until 3am. I totally knew that I was going to regret it in the morning, and I DID. Oh well. Not too much I could've done it, I 'spose.
Well, here's what I was wearing while I was making those 200 phone calls:
Purple Corduroy Blazer: American Eagle (clearance), Jeans: J. Crew (clearance), Shirt: f21, Boots: Thrifted
This necklace is actually my mom's! She's had it since the '80s, and I've never seen her wear it. Over Christmas break, we were rummaging through her jewelry box, and I found all of this amazing jewelry, that have just been tucked in there for years and years! She passed this black onyx necklace onto me, but held onto the matching earrings.
Hmmm. That's about it, I believe. I was going to go to the mall yesterday, but it decided to snow again, so I stayed tucked in bed instead. I guess the mall's been pushed to Friday morning. I only like going there when there aren't going to be crowds....I don't know how this will turn out.
Well, if it doesn't work out, I have a couple of vintage stores I want to check out.
Either way, money will be spent on clothes this weekend. Make no mistake. ugh, whatever.