Thursday, February 11, 2010

sweeeeeet diiiiiiiiiispooooo-si-tion

Haha. Can you name that tune? I'm having too much fun with these titles.
Well tonight I leave for UCONN, to visit my boyfriend for Valentine's Weekend. It's pretty perfect, since I have no Friday classes, and our Monday and Tuesday classes are canceled. Pretty sweet, man.
Last year for Valentine's Day, I was tucked in my dorm, all alone. All of my roommates and suitemates left to go home for the long weekend. I couldn't go anywhere because I was shooting a film. The film shoot was fun..but being alone on Valentine's wasn't. Meh. OH WELL LIVE AND LEARN, EH?
Cardigan: f21 (on sale), Tank: Old Navy, Jeans: f21, Boots: Thrifted, Necklace: Polo Ralph Lauren (on sale)
Now, this outfit was supposed to be WAY different. I was wearing a large plaid button-down over the tank, with a different necklace on. Then I thought....Hm. I never wear pearls. And then I ended up changing the whole thing. This might be the most Valentine's-ish outfit I have! And I found it by accident! So I took the opportunity to snap a picture to enter into Chictopia's Forever Sweetheart Contest.
Awww. Honestly, I know that Valentine's Day is a silly holiday. I'm just a romantic, I guess. Well, I'm off to Connecticut til Monday! I'll be taking outfit pictures and all of that, and posting them when I get back. Enjoy the weekend!
(On a more somber note, it was just recently reported that Alexander McQueen was found dead in his apartment. I can honestly say that this news has shaken me, as well as the entire fashion world. We'll all be mourning the loss of this amazing, talented designer.)

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