Friday, February 5, 2010

well if you've gots the poison i've gots the remedy

Good news! I found somewhere on campus to take pictures! It's relatively close and secluded, too! Siiigh. Thank god I got that figured out. I'll try to start taking pictures outside from now on.
Today's outfit is inspired by an outfit that Jewel wore on Ace of Cakes last night.
Tee: Victoria's Secret, Vest: Thrifted, Jeans: Hollister, Boots: Thrifted, Necklace: Anthropologie, Ring: Hippie shop.
These boots are so badass. I love them to DEATH. And they are thrifted, too! So while I'll never stick my bare feet in these things, I really appreciate the fact that they look beautiful and they are already nice and worn-in. No stiffness here. I really hate new shoes because of their stiffness. So this morning, I didn't have anything to do, (besides homework..but I can TOTALLY put that off for another day) so I went thrifting! The first time I've gone thrifting away from home! I wanted to see if Long Island thrift shops were any different from Connecticut thrift shops. Like, if the flavor was similar or different. I went to only two places, but this was the only store where I found any luck. It's in Babylon, New York, and apparently has been here for over 20 years. It's run by a woman named Mary, who has been in the vintage clothing shop business for most of her life. She was such a sweet woman. She didn't remind me too much of my own grandmothers, since she had such an enthusiasm about vintage style, that my grandmothers don't really share. I bought only one thing for $10 and I really love it. It's very unique. I will have a picture of it tomorrow maybe (its in the wash at the moment) but yay! I highly recommend this store.
PS. Today's title is brought to you by Jason Mraz's "The remedy". It was on my "thrift store shopping" playlist.

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